Welcome to 3nil FC.

3nil FC


There is no billionaire backing us.

This club knows that true strength comes from its supporters, and we have some of the finest the world has ever seen. 

On multiple continents, we have spent nights with Messi as he makes 60 yard runs. During pick-up games in San Francisco or Stockholm, our presence has been felt as Totaalvoetbal and Tiki-Taka are unleashed. No matter the setting, our standards have been set. Our potential is no longer a secret. Word has been spreading in various tongues. Already scoring in scores of nations, this project - unlike any other - has been unveiled. 

King Eric. Leo. Zizou. The legends run with us. The Maracana. The Bernabéu. These are our homes. The map has been redrawn. Borders have been breached. This club is global, and it is going straight to the top. This is your chance.

3nil Football Club has arrived.