3nil is a football company run by Dan Gribbon in Melbourne, Australia. After studying design in 2008, I had no interest in a competitive market where folks compete for uninspiring work and little money.

In 2011 I wanted to push myself and start an ecommerce side project. But what to do? After a million different ideas, football was the topic that always back.

Here's the thing, you're football fans and that's why you're reading this, right? So you get it. We love football. We love the game. We love the cold days at the local park. We love that last minute winner our favourite team scores. We love the rising half-volley that goes in off the bar. We love managers arguing with the fourth official.

We love it all. 3nil is that love. A football company aiming to bring ideas to the world.

A few t-shirts sold turned into a few thousand. A couple of fans in Australia turned into orders from China, Canada, the UK, the US, Germany, France, India, Brazil, South Africa and more. Honestly, it's been the most rewarding project of my life and long may it continue.

Now where do we take this? A new podcast, By Association, has launched this year to great reception. It offers short, digestible, episodes that give you something different but still remain focused on the game.

With more apparel sold and more support from the global football community, I hope to turn 3nil into my full time job one day.

Thanks team. I couldn't keep doing this without you.

❤️ ⚽️